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Summer Picnic Edition!

This event is now official. Pavilion 7 has been rented for us since mid-March. green nikki and mrGreen317 will be there regardless. Come out an join us!

Bedford County has been in the "green" phase since June. We are hoping it stays green through July and in to August. However, some cachers may not be ready to meet in person, or unable or unwilling yet to travel larger distances. We certainly understand this, and we hope to see you at a future event soon.

Each in-person guest may practice their preferred distancing habits. With an outdoor, summertime space and event, there should be more than enough room to accomodate. Bring your own food and drinks if that is more comfortable, or feel free to take the common picnic food that is made available.

The state park is requiring masks inside any enclosed buildings. (This likely includes the restrooms.) Other mask use is encouraged by the state if not keeping certain distances, but each attendee may practice this in whatever manner is personally most comfortable. Recommendations may also change in time as the event approaches.

Log a "Will Attend"

This page will save an "unofficial Will Attend" log for you that will be visible to the event planners. (If the event goes "official", you can log at soon.)

N 40 02.362' W 078 37.314'

Saturday, August 1, 2020

3:30PM to 8:00PM

Snacks, drinks, games, prizes, and most importantly... geo-friends!

Planned schedule:

3:30: Official event kick-off. Hosts may be on site earlier than this time for setup.

4:00: Food, friends, and geo-conversation.

5:00: The Geo Family Feud "Survey says!" Two teams compete to see who can think most like a geocacher based on surveys conducted of 100 geocacher responses to various questions.

Who will be the champion team this time around? Remaining unused survey questions from previous events will be employed. A return question or two may show up in "Fast Money"... How good is the winning team's memory?

5:45 - Game reset and intermission; some other games are likely played next

6:00/6:15: The Games Continue...

"America's Favorite Game" still has a few unused puzzles from the Spring event. These may be played, along with some other new game ideas. More information should be provided as this develops

8:00 (or conclusion): Event cleanup. Stick around to chat as long as there is stil geo-conversation to be had.

Thanks for coming to the Summer Game Night Picnic!

A fun new prize-winning format is being devised by Green Nikki for getting the prize packages at this Game Night event.

The Game Night series (past, present, future) is collected in one online resource:

Hope to see you there!