Next Game Night

Spring Fever Edition!

This will be a mid-week, semi-virtual, unoffical event with prizes to be awarded hidden beforehand around JAGA-land. Let's do a Game Night before Spring is officially over in 2020!

Semi-Virtual means we are hoping to broadcast the event with meeting-style video chat (or just watch the feed if you prefer). We are also welcoming any local cachers who want to drop by GC8098K between 5:30pm and 8:30pm while we are on site. Stay for a few minutes or the whole time. If you just want to join in from home, that is okay, too. It is your choice!

Blair County should be in "green" phase by June 10, however, some may not be ready to meet in person, or unable or unwilling yet to travel larger distances. The video hookup (if it works) will help us stay connected for this event. For those wishing to stop by during the event time, the area around GC8098K will likely accomodate between 12 and 25 geocachers at any one time. We will have some snacks, drinks, and maybe more for those who do stop by. Please park along 18th street near the puzzle icon for GC8098K, the walk to GZ is very short from there. If no space is available, please use an adjacent block, but avoid blocking any driveways, and please obey any parking signs.

NOTE: Restroom facilities are not currently available at GZ due to ongoing remodeling, so please make use of either Sheetz #354 or Sheetz #34. Thanks for your understanding.

Semi-Virtual Game Night RSVP

Please help us gauge interest for in-person or remote access attendance.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

6:30PM to 8:00PM

Snacks, drinks, games, prizes, and most importantly... geo-friends! (Remote or in-person)

Planned schedule:

5:30-6:15 - Drop by to play the "Beat the Streak" cache and log it for the smiley if you have yet to do so. The CO will be on-hand setting up for the main event to follow.

6:30 - We (hopefully) go live and online to start Geo-Jeopardy. Players may play remotely or on-site. Gameplay will be somewhat altered to accomodate the possibility of remote contestants.

Geo-Jeopardy - Live from GC8098K! (A quick Play-In Round will be conducted if needed starting at 6:30 pm)

Can we find a third champion to be "Reigning Geo-Jeopardy Champion" and possibly go on to play m3a9 and MrBee at a future "Round of Champions" Geo-Jeopardy in the future? This round will feature six categories at each level and only 3 rows of questions per category (instead of 5). Some of our favorite categories from the first game night will be back along with some new categories. There will be no buzzers due to possibly remote contestants. Questioning will go in round-robin fashion in an order determined by an initial play-in trivia round.

7:15 - Game reset and quick intermission; the 'wheel' is next!

The Wheel of Geocaching (7:30 pm, or later, depending on Jeopardy)

"America's Favorite Game" returns to the geo-community. As last seen at the 2019 Summer Picnic, the "Wheel" will return with the spinning digital wheel display - who knows what it will land on with each spin. Contestants may be in-person or remote. The gameboard will not be electronic,but will have larger card-stock letters to be flipped by our own 'Vanna' green nikki. The "game board" will be the large garage door as found at GC8098K. It should be possible for both in-person and remote contestants to see what is going on with the game.

8:00 (or conclusion of Wheel) - The transmission and virtual meet-up will end. Any in-person guests are welcome to stay at GZ and chat. We'll be hanging around at least until 8:30 and the "Beat the Streak" board will be available again to any interested geocachers.

Thanks for coming to (or remotely viewing) the Spring Game Night!

Prizes awarded at this game night will include hidden prizes that can be searched using coordinates given to the winners. This way any remote contestants may search out prize boxes as well.

The Game Night series (past, present, future) is collected in one online resource:

Hope to see you in person or remotely!